Your wife should be ashamed of you, Wendy Shay tells Keche Joshua

Wendy Shay’s issue of depression has turned into a laughing stock for some social media fans including some celebrities as well.

It wasn’t that long when  posted about wendy shay coming to debunk the depression pressure the social fans delay has putting on her these recent times because of the new look she brought.

The singer’s mum has just come to debunk this depression issue by releasing some angrily hot video on social media lecturing Ghanaians and the world about her special daughter and how she was before she brought her to Ghana to work under Bullet as a Musician.

Looks like some Celebrities are still ranting on social media about the issue and Wendy Shay has seen Keche Joshua doing the same. She has angrily spoken her mind to put Keche Joshua right for mocking her and also not treating her as a young artist coming up.

She posted this on Twitter about 20mins ago:



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