VIDEO: You can’t stop laughing after watching Patapaa’s interview with his wife

Patapaa has been trending in Ghana because of his wedding and the suprised he has given to Ghanaians with the marriage with his white german woman.

Abeiku Santana interviewed Patapaa and his wife after their wedding and honeymoon in his studios at the OKay Fm. Patapaa has to free his mind about why he married his wife and what made him marry her.

Abeiku asked Patapaa if he really loves his wife and he said “Yes he really does”. The wife gave little detail on how they met and what made him draw a bit closer to Patapaa in terms of her visit to Ghana and her involvement of her family.

Patapaa’s wife said she is a nurse and she has practised nursing for over five years now and counting in Germany.

We are not going to go into details too much on what went down at the interview as the saying goes seeing is beleiving.

Enjoy the interiview below and give us your comments:



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