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VIDEO: Wendy Shay’s Mum Angrily Rubbishes Delay’s accusations

Wendy Shay’s mum has angrily rubbished the claims of Delay who says Wendy Shay is under Depression because of what she wore and her new look.

The Mum of the Sensational singer Wendy Shay has finally come out to clear the issues of Wendy Shay and other social fans who think the singer is under Depression which has made her changed her new look and other actions of her.

Delay came out to clear her part that, Wendy is her small sister and she has advised her before on soo many issues around her that goes on the music industry. So she is very shocked that this small issue she said something about it has caused her to change her ways and dressing in the music industry.

Wendy Shay has come to clear herself on soo many things between her and Delay and also cleared out the tension between them and the fans on social media and other sickening stuff surrounding the issue.

The Mum of Wendy Shay is sick of the issue going round and round for soo long so she had to spit her heart out to Ghanaians and whole Wendy Shay fans across the world

Watch the video below and share your ideas.



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