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Shatta Wale proves he is alive today, with a strong touching message to the False Prophet

Shatta Wale should have died yesterday, December 24 according to one of those unwholesome prophecies which emanated from these so-called Ghanaian prophets.

As it stands now, these prophets have only devised a means to cause fear and panic with the ultimate of filling their bellies and pockets.

Recall that some Ghanaian prophets predicted Shatta Wale would die before the year ends. Although we have few days to end the year, it’s obvious we cannot take them serious.

The loudest of these prophecies was from one Prophet Stephen Kwadwo Adom stormed the internet with his own fragment of the doom sequel, saying; “God said I should tell Shatta Wale that if he is not very careful and cautious, he will be involved in an accident in December and die.”

Well, it’s good other men of God poured cold water on their colleagues who made some of these predictions and took them to the cleaners for their unbiblical mannerisms.

We thank God Shatta Wale is still alive, that’s the most important thing.

Ghana Music News woke up this morning witnessing Shatta Wale giving a strong message showing he is alive and promises to do what he promised to do if he didn’t die.

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